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Rules of rest and driving

The daily driving time cannot exceed the duration of 9 hours, but 2x in a week it can be extended to 10 hours. In a week 6 days of driving is allowed. The weekly driving time cannot exceed the duration of 56 hours, 90 hours in a fortnight. After 4,5 hours driving time a 45-minute break is necessary, but this can be divided into a 15- and a 30-minute break.

The regular daily rest time has to be at least 11 hours, which can be reduced to 9 hours three times a week. The regular daily rest can be divided into a 3- and a following 9-hour resting time.

In case the crew has more members, the driver has to keep the 9-hour rest within 30 hours. The regular weekly resting time is 45 hours, but can be reduced to 24 hours once in 2 weeks, but has to be compensated for within 3 weeks. The driver of the international bus transport may postpone the weekly resting time by a period of 12x24 hours, but then 2 normal or a normal and a reduced weekly resting time has to follow, but the reduction has to be compensated for within 3 weeks.

During the daily resting time the driver has to decide freely on his timing, and the vehicle may not move. The daily resting time may be spent in the vehicle, if the vehicle is equipped with a sleep cabin, and if the vehicle does not move. The break between the driving times, the standby time or other work activity, also driving, so any other period when the driver cannot decide freely on his time is not to be calculated as rest time.


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